Easy and Inexpensive DIY Tissue Paper Marigolds

Making marigolds from paper is an easy and fun DIY project. You too can DIY Tissue Paper Marigolds. For this, do not miss any detail in our article.

First, gather orange and green crepe paper, scissors, and wire.

Cut the orange crepe paper into petal shapes, then fringe the edges with scissors. Repeat with green paper for the stem and leaves.

Next, wrap the wire with green crepe paper to create the stem. Layer a few petals and wrap around the stem, securing with glue. Add in more petals and leaves, gradually creating the full flower.

Finally, shape the petals and leaves as desired. Happy crafting!

What You’ll Need:
– Orange and green crepe paper
– Scissors
– Wire
– Glue
– Creativity

Pro Tip: Use different colored crepe paper to create various types of marigold flowers.

How to make tissue paper marigoldsStep-by-step instructions for making beautiful flowers
Materials neededList of items required for the craft
Easy for kidsSimple enough for children to make
No intricate cutsNo precise scissors skills needed
Vibrant decorationPerfect for adding color to any room or event
how to make marigold flower out of tissue paper easy DIY Tissue Paper Marigolds

How Do You Make Easy Marigold Paper Flowers?

Step 1: Cut the Paper. Fold the tissue paper in half to make two sheets that are 13 inches by 20 inches each. Cut each of those pieces in half.

Step 2: Fold and Cut the Paper. Stack four sheets of paper and fold them in an accordion fashion.

Step 3: Fan Out the Flowers. Spread the flowers out on the paper. Step 4: Display Your Marigolds!

Making marigold paper flowers is a fun craft activity that you can do at home. First, gather yellow and orange construction paper, scissors, glue, and green pipe cleaners.

Cut the paper into oval shapes, then fold them in half and cut small slits around the edges to create petals.

Once you have many petals, glue them together in a circular shape to form the flower. Using the green pipe cleaner, twist it around the base of the flower to make the stem.

Finally, cut out green leaves and glue them onto the stem. Voila! Easy marigold paper flowers in no time!

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how to make marigold flower out of tissue paper easy Gallery DIY Tissue Paper Marigolds

Which Paper Is Used To Make Marigold Flower?

Marigold flowers are a popular decoration for festivals, events, and weddings. Have you ever wondered which paper is used to make marigold flower? The answer is crepe paper!

Crepe paper is a type of tissue paper that is backed with a thin layer of adhesive. It is commonly used to make colorful, textured decorations such as flowers, streamers, and party hats.

With its crinkled texture and ability to stretch, crepe paper is a great material for making realistic-looking flowers. You can create beautiful marigold flowers using crepe paper in shades of yellow and orange along with some green floral wire and tape. Get creative and have fun!

Important items:
Marigold flowers are made using crepe paper.
– Crepe paper is a type of tissue paper backed with adhesive.
– Crepe paper is great for making textured decorations.
– You can create beautiful marigold flowers using crepe paper, floral wire, and tape.

How Do You Make Marigolds Out Of Paper For Kids?

To construct one of these flowers, first shape the petals, attach them to the appropriate stamen with floral tape, and then cut the necessary number of petals and leaves from crepe paper.

Marigolds are lovely flowers that bring color to any garden. Kids can enjoy making them from paper with a few easy steps. First, gather yellow and orange construction paper, scissors, and glue.

Cut the paper into 8 inch by 2 inch strips. Fold the strips in half twice and cut out half-circle shapes on both sides. Unfold and accordion-fold the strips, then glue the ends together to form a loop.

Cut green paper into small rectangles and fold in half. Glue the folded rectangle to the back of the flower.

Voila! A beautiful paper marigold that kids can enjoy making.

With just a few simple steps, kids can make beautiful marigolds out of paper.

Materials Needed:
– Yellow and orange construction paper
– Green paper
– Scissors
– Glue

How To Make Marigolds For Dia De Los Muertos Out Of Tissue Paper?

Marigolds are an essential part of Dia de Los Muertos, the Mexican holiday that honors the dead. Making tissue paper marigolds is an easy way to add color and beauty to your altar or celebration.

Start by cutting tissue paper into rectangles, then fold into accordion-style pleats. Secure the center with a wire or string, then trim and shape the edges to resemble petals. Fluff out the layers to create a full flower. It’s that simple!

Remember to include marigolds in your Dia de Los Muertos celebration as they represent the fragility of life and the beauty of passing on.

Tissue paper marigolds are a magnificent addition to a Dia de Los Muertos celebration.

Materials needed:

– Tissue paper
– Scissors
– Wire or string


1. Cut tissue paper into rectangles of your desired size
2. Fold the tissue paper into accordion-style pleats
3. Secure the center with a wire or string
4. Trim and shape the edges of the tissue paper to create petals
5. Fluff out the layers to create a full flower

Marigolds symbolize the essence of life and the beauty of death. The vibrant colors of the tissue paper marigolds will bring life to any Dia de Los Muertos altar. Happy crafting!

FAQ – How to make marigold flower out of tissue paper easy?

What materials will I need?

Tissue paper, scissors, and a pipe cleaner.

How do I make the flower petals?

Cut tissue paper into flower shape and fold into layers.

To make a marigold flower out of tissue paper, you will need tissue paper, scissors, and a pipe cleaner. To create the petals, cut the tissue paper into flower shapes and fold them into layers.

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